Friday, January 6, 2017


Skin Trade is gearing up for an exciting series of releases and shows in 2017. Starting off the year we have three new releases from allies both old and new. 

Now Available:
ST 006 Seamstress-Euphrates CS
One 30 minute slab of hallucinatory and caustic sound intent on conveying the effects of physical and emotional drought on the human psyche. 

Purchase here.
Edition of 50

ST 007 Actuary/Seamstress Split CS
Aural abuse from two of Los Angeles' finest. Actuary lay waste to side A with two tracks of blackened power electronics while Seamstress corrode side B with one sprawling suite of bleak sound collage and tape manipulation. 

Purchase here.
Edition of 100

Both acts will be performing in downtown Los Angeles on January 18th to commemorate the release. 

ST 008 Witches Of Malibu-New Sounds In Afro-Industrial Music Vol. 1 CS
Skott Rusch's long standing solo outlet delivers five tracks of amorphous synth ritual. A uniquely non-temporal aesthetic favoring a crude and unorthodox dance. 

Purchase here.
Edition of 50

WoM will be performing at The Birthday Continues show at the (the) Handbag Factory on January 14th. 

Releases lined up for later in the year from Blankets, Conscious Summary, Onset, and Erratix. 

More news to come. 

Still Available:

Seamstress-Concentric Memoir CS
Seamstress-Nothing Is Sacred CS (very few copies left)
Last-Appropriate Modes & Zones CS
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